Owen Ravelo

Game Designer / Game Programmer

About Me

I am a young Game Designer with a few small games under my belt. I have knowledge in a little bit of every category, but my main skills are Programming, Leadership, and Interaction Design.

I'm most in love with Programming in particular. I spend the majority of my free time learning new things to do with code and then implementing them into my side projects. All this is shown by the fact that this website is all made by me.

I've so far successfully published one game that shows off my work as a Game Designer and a Programmer. "Welcome, Get Out!" is a short game that puts all of my skills together with others to make something genuinely enjoyable.

I am currently finishing my last year of college and will be looking for Game Design/Programming job opportunities in Chicago, IL. Please reach out at contact@simmgames.com or goto my Contact Page for more ways to reach me.


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