Pet Fish WPF

⭐Pet Fish WPF

April 29th, 2019

A Real-Time fish tank.
Not refined at all.
Done for an Object-Oriented Programming Class.

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The entire project was done in Visual Studio using C# and WPF. There''s a hack on the front page to simulate a day passing, but ideally, you''d return to the game once a day to take care of your fish. The project was fone in the Spring of 2019.

Random Dot Game (Math Game)

⭐Random Dot Game (Math Game)

May of 2018

The Random Dot Game is used to show how Fractals can be generated from pure math.
I made this for fun.

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The game was inspired after a Video from Numberphile. The video explains the concept of how and why it works. Using the program, you can create a good number of different fractals. I created this out of pure interest sometime in 2018. The program was created with the Processing Library.